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Information about the Store has been divided into the following sections. Please read the first four sections regardless of which product you are interested in. The fifth section has been subdivided into the individual products so you can click only on the sections you are interested in:


The watermarks shown in the browser will not show up on your print.

Depending on where you live, Order a Print may send the print order to one of many different printing businesses. I have contacted Order a Print to try and clarify who prints orders made on my site, but they have multiple contracts with printers all across the country and they noted that the system automatically picks which one it will send it to based on the location of the person purchasing and the work load of the printing service. For this reason, I have noticed some variation in prints (mostly coffee mugs, bags, etc). I apologize for the limited control I have over this issue, but it’s currently the only viable option I have. If you need a print to look a specific way, please contact me and I can provide a quote for a custom ordered product to meet more specific requirements (see Custom Products section below).

Most pictures included in the store can be printed at any size up to the maximum recommended resolution included in the description. However, most images can be made slightly larger with only a marginal decrease in total sharpness (such as going from 16x24 to 24x36) in the higher-resolution print options (photo prints, posters, etc.). I have also specified the ratio of the image in the description. If you choose a print with a different ratio, such as a 5x7 print of an 2:3 ratio image, some cropping will occur.

The images with white frames (graphics) are locked into the specified ratio so even though you can pick any ratio to print, I highly recommend sticking to a multiple of the base ratio listed in the description so that the border looks correct in the final print. For example, if the aspect ratio is 2:3, then printing a 4x6 or an 8x12 will look correct, but a 5x7, 8x10, or 11x14 will not.

Graphics also generally have text on them describing the event, location, etc. Text should show up clearly on larger prints on photo paper and posters, but in general the text will be hard to read on smaller prints, and on any print product that has reduced resolution such as canvas, mugs, bags, shirts, etc. I try to include the primary image from graphics in a non-graphic form so it can still be printed on the majority of products.

Custom Products
In addition to the products listed on the website, I have made personal prints from other print shops that I trust such as large format prints, slate slabs, puzzles, glass Christmas ornaments, etc. If there is a product that you like from another company that you would like one of my pictures on, please contact me and I can create a quote to have one custom made.

Product Descriptions

Canvas Wrap – Canvases are great for large prints that can be easily hung on a wall as-is with little additional modification. In general the canvas prints have had good color and look good at a normal viewing distance, but since the canvas has a rough surface and a lower resolution print, text can be blurry even on larger prints.

Photo Print – Photo prints are the highest resolution product printed on professional photo paper. All images will look good as a photo print so this product is recommended if you are looking for the highest level of quality. Prints are available in matte, gloss, and luster. I recommend luster as it has the best mix of vibrant colors, sharpness, and visibility. Matte provides the most detail and is great for black and white images. Gloss will have the most vibrant colors and rich blacks, but some detail is often lost in the dark areas and the viewing angles are restrictive.

Ceramic Mugs – Mugs are a low-resolution print on a matte surface that is then coated with a glossy clear coat glaze. For this reason, I generally do not recommend printing images with text on them as the text will likely not be readable. If you would really like a mug with text on it or a different color such as black, please contact me and I can make a custom image for the mug and ship the product independently.

Art Poster – Posters are printed on matte paper in the traditional poster style. These are thinner than photo prints and are shipped in rolls. They are generally a cheaper way to get large format images and the rolled packaging is less prone to damage in shipment. In general, this is still a high-resolution print with good detail and color, though slightly less than photo prints.

Phone Case – Phone cases have a medium-level of image quality and a matte finish. I have noticed that they tend to be a bit slow to make cases available for new phones, so if your phone isn’t included in the dropdown, please contact me and I can custom order one.

T-shirts – Shirts are a low-resolution product due to the texture of the shirt. The scale of text that looks good on photo prints and posters doesn’t tend to show up well on shirts. I may make some custom shirts with larger text in the future, so if you are interested in a specific image, please contact me and I can make a custom order.

Framed Print – Framed prints are the easiest way to get a high-quality photo print (luster finish) that you can hang up as soon as you receive it. The image quality is high, but the frame and protective plexi-glass are mid-grade (similar to what you might find at a local box store). High-quality frames with museum-quality (low-reflection) glass are very expensive to make and ship, but can be custom ordered. I hope to start making my own frames in the future to increase quality and reduce price, but I will post that on my website once I have that option available.

Metal Print – Metal prints are made of aluminum and have a matte finish. You can see the grain of the metal in the print. These prints have medium-resolution and the colors are slightly muted. However, they are light weight, come ready to mount, and can be placed in damp locations such as bathrooms.

Tote Bags – Tote bags have been one of my surprise favorites. Many images look great and the bag is sturdy and very functional. However, due to the rough texture of the bag’s surface, this is still a low-resolution product that looks good at a distance, but text will not be easily readable and fine detail is lost. Additionally, the image is printed onto the bag when it is flat, so a portion of the bottom of the image will curl out of view when in use. Lastly, due to the different printing companies being used, some bags come with the same image on both sides, and some come with it only on one side. Unfortunately, I don’t have control over which type will arrive and Order a Print has not added the option to their shop. If you want to guarantee a one-sided or two-sided bag, please contact me and I can have a custom one made.

Pillow – Pillow prints are low-resolution and due to the 3-dimensional nature of the pillow, there is notable distortion. The print is matte, textured, and the colors are slightly muted which is standard for a fabric print. I generally do not recommend printing an image with text on this product.

Acrylic Print – Acrylic prints are high-resolution with vibrant colors and a glossy finish. They are ready to hang but are notably heavier than the canvas or metal prints. They appear to have some resistance to moisture and fingerprints, but slightly less than the metal prints.

Acrylic Block – Acrylic blocks are great for desks and shelves. They are free standing, high-resolution prints with vibrant colors and a glossy finish. However, the thick acrylic will create some distortion when viewed at an angle.

Custom Products
Canvas Wrap
Photo Print
Ceramic Mug
Art Poster
Phone Case
Framed Print
Metal Print
Tote Bags
Acrylic Print
Acrylic Block
Product Descriptios
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