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SCT About Image - Pikes Peak summit, Colorado Springs, CO

I am a self-taught photographer, and I continue to hone my skills simply out of a passion for photography as an art form. My love of photography started with an old, 35mm, manual focus Minolta SLR that I borrowed from my parents when I was in High School. The first camera I purchased for myself was the Nikon D50 with the kit 18-55mm lens, but I still continued to work with traditional film cameras such as the Nikon F100, Olympus 35RC rangefinder, and a medium format Rollieflex TLR (which I still take out on occasion). Over the years I've also used the D300, D600, D750, and most recently the D850 with a host of new and old lenses that I have slowly built up since 2006.


Although I never had any training in photography, I have always been an artist and a writer. In an effort to merge my artistic and analytical sides, I received a Masters of Architecture from Texas A&M -  College Station, and I have been working in the architectural profession since 2003. With all my experience in art and architecture, the principles of art, design, and presentation have become second-nature, so translating those skills into the photographic medium came reasonably naturally.


I occasionally delve into wedding, event, and architectural photography, but my true passion is in outdoor photography. I am an avid hiker, mountaineer, and rock climber so it was an easy transition to take my camera into the outdoors with me once I began shooting. While on these trips, half of my time is spent behind the camera endeavoring to capture the elusive and unique experience of each new location. The addition of camera gear makes the hikes and climbs harder, but the photos are almost always worth the extra effort.


My passion for photography has been tenuously balanced with my architectural work, family, and (just recently) fatherhood. That doesn't leave as much time for shooting as I would prefer, but I am always looking for an opportunity to make photography a career as it is certainly the work I find the most rewarding.

Yosemite Higher Cathedral Spire summit after 9 pitch trad rock climb

Image by Steven Tarpley - Yosemite National Park: Higher Cathedral Spire

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